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Klinika Kosma is a modern clinic of aesthetic medicine placed in beautiful region of north Poland called Kashubia, which is famous of its lakes and lovely nature. Our Clinic is the first place of its kind in this region of Poland, because of high advanced technologies and innovative therapies used in medicine.

Our mission is to make our Patients feel comfortable in their own skin, helping them to enjoy the health and beauty of their own bodies.

What are the main aesthetic defects we deal with?

  • wrinkles, unstretched skin on the face and body, “old” face shape, aging signs
  • small and asymmetrical lips, asymmetrical nose
  • excessive hair on the face and body
  • fat and cellulite
  • vascular problems
  • skin discoloration, melasma
  • scars and stretch marks
  • unwanted tattoo
  • acne
  • hair loss on the head
  • sacks and dark circles under the eyes
  • drooping eyelids
  • warts and verrucas

You live abroad and would like to visit our Clinic?

As part of the treatment package, we will guarantee You:

transport from and to the airport
in a luxury car
stay in our
comfortable apartment

We provide wide range of aesthetic procedures:

ClearLift™ - laser frakcyjny nieablacyjny Q-switch

The multi-technology treatment platform Alma Harmony XL Pro™ is a robust, modular medical aesthetic treatment platform offers laser and light technologies treating over 65 FDA-cleared medical/aesthetic indications.

Our laser and light technologies:

  • ClearLift™ - non ablative fractional laser in Q-switch technology, designed for non-invasive skin resurfacing and lifting procedure, also great for melasma treatment or tattoo removal - the only laser treatment possible to do no matter what time of year
  • iPixel™ - ablative fractional laser technology of anti-aging treatment (wrinkles, flaccid skin), also used as a very effective solution for scars and stretch marks
  • DyeVL – Intense Pulsed Light technology (IPL), safe way to get rid off discoloration, erythema, vascular disease problems of the face and acne rosacea
  • Nd:YAG 1064 – laser technology with a wavelength of 1064 nm, designed especially for vascular disease problems on the legs
ClearLift™ - laser frakcyjny nieablacyjny Q-switch

Cynosure (Palomar) Vectus® is a world-famous technology, called to be a “king of the hair removal”. It provides ultra-fast and maximum effective treatment, lowering also the pain sensations to minimum due to innovative Advanced Contact Cooling system.

Zaffiro™ - termolifting twarzy oraz ciała

Zaffiro™ is the 21st century technology, chosen by many polish celebrities like famous actor Anita Sokołowska, as a solution for signs of aging. It’s an infrared radiation (IR) technology that heats stretched collagen fibers, which helps them return to their original size and regain the natural, young shape of face. It should be main choice when Your skin needs immediate help, before an important occasion like date, public speech or wedding. Zaffiro™ is a face and body lifting without scalpel, without severe pain, without recovery period… and with visible results immediately after the procedure.

Modern therapies that help to make the body more fit, without unwanted fat and cellulite.

  • LPG Alliance Endermologie® – 100% non-invasive mechanical skin stimulation technique that naturally reactivates cell metabolism, the choice of many celebrities like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian or even Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Storz Medical – shockwave treatment that breaks down fat deposits and unsightly cellulite, it’s a perfect complement of an Endermologie® treatment
  • Arosha body wrapping – wrapping the body with bandages that cause the absorption of active ingredients into the body, showing the loss of the first centimeters already after the first treatment
  • Julié Carboxytherapy by UNIQUE TECHNOLOGIE™ - medical carbon dioxide treatment for cellulite… also working well in removing stretch marks and dark under-eye circles
DERMAPEN™ - terapia mechanicznego mikronakłuwania
  • Hyaluronic acid fillers – non-surgical lips, nose, cheeks or face modelling, an easy and fast way to get rid of signs of aging like wrinkles
  • Needle Mesotherapy – method of a biorevitalization of the skin by individually tailored to the needs of body, nourishing “cocktails” injected under the skin
  • Micro needle mesotherapy DERMAPEN™ - incredibly accurate technology of pulsating needles, ideal for reducing wrinkles and reducing the visibility of pores, stretch marks or scars (acne and burns)
  • Platelet rich plasma (PRP) – known as “vampire lifting”, autologous preparation obtained from blood that releases the natural body's regeneration potential
  • Iniectable platelet-rich fibrin (I-PRF) – autologous preparation obtained from blood, rich in stem cells and growth factors
  • PDO threads – very effective treatment of skin lifting and revitalization, one of the main advantages are the results immediately after the procedure
  • MaxMedik Plasma ARC™non-surgical blepharoplasty (drooping eyelids), warts and verrucas removing

To keep the skin in proper condition it’s necessary to take care of it regularly. We have developed treatments that will keep Your skin nourished and flawless, maintaining a healthy look for a long time.

  • GeneO™+ - breakthrough 3in1 technology: exfoliation of the epidermis, hydration and oxygenation of the skin from the inside, providing the desired glow and “just better looking” effect immediately
  • Medical peels – wide range of beauty peels are great supplement for skin therapies and anti-aging procedures, all treatments are based only on certified preparations like PRX-T®33, DermaQuest®, M&M System Yellow Peel® and IMAGE Skincare
  • Cosmetology, non-peel treatments - effective moisturizing, refreshing, firming treatments that also allow to relax

Our Dentist Doctors deals with the treatment and improvement of the aesthetics of the teeth and mouth. Above-average precision of work together with the latest dental methodology, e.g. microscopic endodontics, are the key to effective treatment for us. Our scope of treatment includes conservative dentistry, endodontics, surgery and prosthetics.

One-off treatments

Treatments that ensure results after one procedure:

  • Zaffiro™- non-invasive face and body lifting
  • Laser treatments – vascular problems, melasma and discoloration removal
  • Hyaluronic acid fillers - lips, nose and cheeks shaping, wrinkles shallowing
  • PRP and i-PRF, needle mesotherapy, DERMAPEN™ treatments - anti-aging treatments, skin biorevitalization
  • PDO threads - skin lifting and revitalization
  • GeneO™+ - exfoliation of the epidermis, hydration and oxygenation, immediate “just better looking” effect
  • Arosha body wrapping, LPG Alliance Endermologie® drain, Storz Medical shockwave treatment
  • Medical peels
  • Skin care and relaxing treatments
  • MaxMedik Plasma ARC™ - blepharoplasty (drooping eyelids), warts and verrucas removing
  • Permanent Make Up (PMU)
  • NIFTY™ genetic prenatal test
  • Dentistry (coming soon)
  • Nail painting

Cyclical therapies

Treatments that require more than one procedure (usually a several procedures) at specific time intervals to get the desired result:

  • Zaffiro™ - complete non-invasive face and body lifting therapy
  • Laser treatments – ablative and non ablative fractional skin resurfacing (anti-aging); tattoo, scars, stretch marks, erythema and vascular problems removal
  • Cynosure (Palomar) Vectus® diode laser hair removal
  • Body shaping (fat and cellulite) - LPG Alliance Endermologie®, Storz Medical shockwave therapy, Arosha body wrapping
  • PRP and i-PRF, needle mesotherapy, DERMAPEN™ treatments - anti-aging and skin biorevitalization therapy
  • GeneO™+ - skin care therapy - exfoliation of the epidermis, hydration and oxygenation the skin
  • Medical peels
  • Carboxytherapy – getting rid of cellulite, stretch marks, scars and dark under-eye circles
  • Skin care and relaxing treatments
  • Dr. Cyj hair filler - hair loss therapy, hair cell and scalp revitalization
  • Permanent Make Up (PMU)
  • Fitness Personal Trainings

Why us?

What distinguishes us apart from the most modern medical technologies and solutions?

  • We provide holistic beauty solutions in one place, in the field of aesthetic medicine, cosmetology, dentistry and even personal fitness trainings.
  • We treat every Patient individually, matching the therapy to his individual needs.
  • We are professionals, which is confirmed by numerous diplomas and certificates. The level of our competence is taken care of by Poland and by foreign authorities of aesthetic medicine.
  • Our Clinic is located in a secluded place, providing comfort and complete privacy.
  • We care about Your comfort and convenience. In our Clinic, we havecomfortable apartment, in which we provide a stay with an individual packages, including transport from and to the airport by a luxury car.

How to contact us and get more detailed information?

Call us!+48 511 551 000 Manager: +48 664 095 982
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Nowoczesne technologie

  • Depilacja laserowa Vectus
  • Alma Harmony XL Pro™ - laseroterapia
  • LPG Alliance Endermologie® - modelowanie sylwetki masażem podciśnieniowym
  • Zaffiro™ - thermolifting twarzy oraz ciała
  • GeneO™+ - dotlenienie, złuszczenie oraz odżywienie skóry
  • Storz Medical DUOLITH® SD1 – modelowanie sylwetki falą akustyczną
  • Karboksyterapia Julié - terapia medycznym dwutlenkiem węgla
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